Consider Using A Christian Dating Service

I have many friends that remain single well into their twenties, thirties and even forties. They are great individuals who simply have not found someone that they are compatible with yet. I have great sympathy 강남오피 for them and I have a huge desire that each of them be in solid relationships that will eventually lead to marriage. Several single friends have asked my opinion about using a Christian dating service to help them find potential mates.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, it makes sense that my single friends would come to me for advice about all things relating to marriage or even the possibility of marriage. They want to know ㅇㅍ후기 if a Christian dating service is a legitimate way to meet someone and if there are any strategies they should be aware of as they attempt to meet someone special this way.


When the questions about using Christian dating services began coming to me I took a couple of weeks and really did some 오피후기 solid research on the different options and organizations that were available. I wanted to find out for myself what any Christian dating service really had to offer and whether or not they were building good reputations for actually helping people to meet significant people.

I learned many things from researching Christian dating services. One of the biggest things I learned is that a wide variety of people use the Christian dating services for an even wider variety of reasons. Therefore, I wanted to warn my friends that not everyone they could meet through these methods was in it for the same reasons. I didn’t want to give my friends any sense of false hope about the success rates for some of the Christian dating services I looked at. There were a couple of really reputable Christian dating services that are doing well and helping people to find that someone special.

I think one of the most important things to do before you sign up for a membership with a Christian dating service is to really ask yourself what your expectations are from doing this. Be realistic about the fact that as good as a Christian dating service might be, they may not be perfect or find you the perfect match within weeks. So be willing to take your time and to wait out the results of using a Christian dating service. I am by no means against trying them out, but I hate to see people get disappointed when they aren’t walking the wedding aisle within a month or two.

Commitment Issues In A Relationship

There is a certain necessity and requirement to know whether a person intends to commit in a relationship or not. This is important for everyone involved in the relationship. The worst thing in the world is to be in love and devoted to a person that will not commit to you and is not willing to make that ever important commitment in a relationship. This can lead to a variety of negative feelings and emotions.

There are times when people enter into a relationship with false hopes. They may believe that their partner is honest when they say that they want to be in a committed relationship. However, somewhere throughout the relationship that partner changes their mind and decides that perhaps a long-term, fully committed relationship is not for them. This can lead to a great deal of frustration and unhappiness. The person that is committed will begin to think that they are just wasting their time in the relationship and that it will go no where and nothing will be gained. People that cannot commit may have this problem for a variety of reasons.

The number one reason that people cannot commit is due to an emotional issue which could be something in their past. This could be something that has caused them emotional damage. They cannot get past this bad experience and they may have fear about trying to deal with this and get over it. They cannot trust anyone, especially within a relationship as long as they have these feelings and this hurt that they are harboring. The past must be dealt with before a person can ever have a meaningful relationship or a future with anyone. If this is not done, there will be continual hurt and pain that will manifest itself into any relationship they enter into.

Other people that do not commit are merely involved in a relationship as a way to have someone in their life while they are searching for something better or more suited for them. They are always looking at members of the opposite sex even when they are in a relationship. They do not care if their partner is with them or sees them doing it.

This type of behavior is extremely disrespectful and despicable for anyone. These types of people do not feel that they are with the person that they belong with. However, they are settling for a lesser relationship until they find something better that comes along in front of them.

People of this type should be avoided at all costs by those looking for a committed relationship. These people are truly afraid of commitment. People that desire that lasting relationship and find themselves with a person afraid of or unwilling to commit, they may find that they are unhappy, brokenhearted, and that they are always disappointed by their mate. These commitment seeking individuals have to make a decision as to whether they want to continue to stay with the person they are with or end the relationship and cut their losses.

Sometimes, the easiest way to know where a relationship will go is to be up front from the very beginning. Before you get seriously involved in a relationship, spend some time with the prospective partner. Talk between yourselves and be open and honest. Find out how both of you feel about a possible long-term relationship and about a commitment. This can prevent any false hopes or problems later on with confusion over what the relationship involves.

College Dating

College dating seems to be very important in the span of someone’s life, whether it be the list of people they hooked up with or the person they married. I know more friends who coupled up and stayed coupled while meeting in college. I just graduated from Bentley College near Boston, MA and I realize the potential for success by finding your true love in College.

My story begins as a sophomore in college. I’m living in a suite room with 7 other guys, I know it sounds like a lot, but actually it was quite spacious and a ton of fun. One weekend I was invited to go out for Thai food downtown Boston, interesting enough the restaurant burned down two weeks later. We piled in my friend’s SUV with a bunch of other friends. This one girl in the back seat I never met before.

Anyway by the nights end I was comfortable to be myself around her, and somehow ended up making her pee her pants, while I made a complete fool of myself. So that is where it all began. Almost 3 years later we are still together, and getting together with different groups of friends produced several other ‘couple friends’ we hang out with today.

My point is that now that I am out of college, I see that these large get together of friends only happens in college. Now that I am out of college most of the time I get together with friends never includes different groups. It seems that on Friday night we hang out with one group while on Saturday we go hang out with completely different people, without any opportunity for chance meetings of two people.

So far I know several older people than myself who have yet to find someone after all these years simply because they didn’t take the opportunity in college to find someone special.

I read somewhere that if a girl is not married by age 30 the chance of her getting married decreases tremendously. It almost seems like your success after college depends upon these bonds and relationships you form while inside the confines of your campus… what do you think?

Co-worker Relationships


A relationship that develops between co-workers 강남오피 is often frowned upon very highly. There are some businesses and organizations that strictly forbid interoffice relationships.

There is really no conscious control over who 오피후기 we fall in love with. It is not something that we have complete control and power over. There is certain chemistry within our bodies and signals that are given off by our brains. It is something that is subconsciously occurring and out of our control.

So, no matter how many times you read your ㅇㅍ후기 company handbook and find that you are not supposed to have a relationship with anyone at work, if you are truly attracted to someone that you work with, you are not going to be able to fight that attraction.

So, what do you do if you find that you want to date a co-worker? First of all, you have to make a decision between the two of you. Talk with the co-worker. Chances are they have given off some sort of signal or vibe that has made you take notice of them. This is more than likely a mutual attraction. It is possible to make a relationship with a co-worker work well for both of you. It is also possible in some circumstances to maintain this relationship without reprimand or repercussions. You just have to be smart and sensible about what you are doing.

If you find yourself starting a relationship with a co-worker, the worst thing that you can do is try to hide it. This will have serious consequences in the end when people find out about it, which they always do. Be open and honest. Talk with your boss about what is going on. In most cases, if you go to them and you are completely honest, there are ways that they can make it work for you. However, if you hide the relationship and your boss finds out later, you could find yourself out of a job and in a bad situation.

You should also talk openly with your partner. Make sure that you both understand that your relationship does not affect your work. You cannot play favorites or change the way that you work because of this new relationship. Keep in mind that at work, everything is to remain the same.

If your partner is higher up than you and is required to reprimand you for something that you have done wrong relating to work, they need to be able to do that without bias. If your relationship starts interfering with your work, you need to take a serious look at everything that is involved and find out where you can make changes.

In some cases, one party in a relationship will choose to leave their job. This is often a personal decision and not one that they are forced into by their employer. They do not want to have a relationship with someone that they work with everyday. If the relationship is that important to them, they may very well be willing to find a new job to maintain that relationship and make it as good as they possibly can.

Christian Online Dating Services: What’s in Store for You

If you are the type of person who has a deep faith and who intends to practice it at all times and at all costs, then most probably you want to have a partner who’s going to share the same intention as yours. Have you found one? If not yet, why don’t you take some time to consider joining the Christian online dating services? For sure, you’ll find the perfect partner of yours.

Typical of a Christian is the desire to raise his family in a home that’s filled with faith and peace. As of the moment, the number of Christian online dating services websites has exceeded the availability of those websites that focus on Jewish and Muslim dating services. With being a member of a Christian dating website, you’ll find it enjoyable to be able to get connected with someone of the opposite sex for some promising romantic relationship, be able to chat or conduct healthy conversations online, have someone who’s going to share the same views and values regarding your faith, get worthy advice on how to cope up with the usual struggles that every Christian happens to encounter, have somebody to share your favorite Bible passages with, and many others. As you try out signing up for these dating services, you are certain to mark some important changes in your life.

Many websites for Christian dating services are termed as non-denominational. Meaning, everyone who belongs from various churches are welcomed. Of course, one requirement is for you to indicate the church of yours in your personal profile. The personal profile that you create upon signing up will be used by the rest of the members in finding the perfect partner for themselves.

Over the years, the Christian dating services online have gained a wide popularity. For the individuals who don’t find partying or going out a lot an interesting thing to do, signing up for a dating services website would be more than enough. True indeed, there are millions of Christians who are brought together by these dating websites. Even when one is at home, the search for a perfect match continues.

Take note of these general tips when attempting to opt for an online dating service membership.

As soon as you spot your prospect partner, start off with sending emails, SMS, or talking through the phone or chat. Don’t be too aggressive to ask the person out at once.

Be cautious as always. You never know how genuine your newly met people are. After all, the internet is a host to several fraud cases.

Be careful with what you say. There may be extra sensitive individuals that you might offend.

Value a commitment. Don’t promise anything if you can’t fulfill it in any way. You’re just about to ruin your reputation if you do so.

Start an interesting conversation. It would determine the possibility of a promising relationship.

Christian online dating is highly popular today so there’s never going to be a problem with your search of a partner. Being single or alone will simply end as soon as you spot your favored partner. Just be sure that you log on to a safe and non tricky website. Most of the administrators though allow feedbacks so you can always check out the reputation of one website against another. Start now and be amazed at the changes in you.

Christian Dating

There are many people who consider Christianity a crucial pre requisite for a lifetime partnership with another ㅇㅍ후기 person.

As there is considerable demand for Christian minded people to find a partner, there has been an increase in the number of Christian dating sites that have emerged on the Internet.

There are generally strict guidelines before people can become members of Christian dating sites and for this reason the sites tend to have a lower membership count than many of the general dating sites. The upside of this however is the fact that the clientele is more targeted so you can be assured that you will only be looking in a market where you are sure that the people online will have the background that you are interested in.

There are free and paid Christian dating sites with the free sites earning their income from the advertising that is displayed on the site.

These sites allow you to post a picture of yourself and your profile giving other members the chance to see what your interests are.

When a suitable candidate is found the members can make contact with one another and determine if they would like 오피후기 to interact further after corresponding online.

This offers a safe environment and also makes it a lot easier for those people who are too shy to make contact with others in offline dating situations, such as parties, clubs and so on.

Many Christian dating sites also arrange events where people can meet one another in a safe environment, such as dances, dinners and in some instances holidays or weekend travel.

Christian dating sites cater for all age 강남오피 groups and personal situations, from young singles to elders and those who have lost their partners through bereavement or divorce.

If Christianity is an important aspect of your lifestyle then Christian dating sites might be just what you are looking for.


Can she love you more then she loved him?

Maybe you just have met a great women, she is
single, beautiful, and sexy and is deeply in love
with you. She’s perfect for you but… you are
not her first love.

Can she love you more then she loved her first
man? Was that guy better than you in bed? Does
she think of him when is making love with you?
These are the question which crosses your mind
over and over again.

Many people think that the first love is most
powerful in all life time. All of as have heard
the words “you can never forget your first love”.
Is this true?

I have talked with four women, friends of mine
about this subject. All of them are married with
a different man than the one they have loved for
the first time. I had a great surprise; all of
them have told me almost the same things:

First love is mostly passion – second love is
much deeper.

When a woman loves for the first time she thinks
that that man is the only one on the earth and
she has no choice, without him she is lost. When
she loves for second time, she knows that there
are a lot of other available men but she is
CHOOSING to be with the one she loves, because he
is the best for her.

First time a woman can love a guy for no reason,
just because he was the first no matter how he is
treating her. When she loves for the second time
she is able to see his qualities and his
personality, and love him for who he is.

Second time she loves with all her heart because
she knows that he deserves her love. First love
can be full of fear and insecurity. Fear can be a
fuel for passion but is not a nice filling.

These are good news for guys in your situation,
but I didn’t answer yet to biggest question: Does
she think at him when she is with you in bad?

This answer on this question is the opposite of
the one of the next question: “Does she really
love you?”

If she loves you she is enjoying every moment
that you are together, every touch, every kiss.
All that she is thinking is YOU!

It is true, you never forget your first love but
over a time it become just like a story of
someone else, hided in a corner of your mind.

So if you are the one she has chosen, be THE LOVE
OF HER LIFE and forget about her first love. 🙂

You are the man of her life so enjoy it.

Blogs: The Coolest New Dating Tool.

It’s easy to discount blogs as simply tools for newshounds, people who like to gripe or sell things, or teenagers. But blogs and their siblings webcasts are actually a great way to let potential dating and emailing partners know who you are. The best news is that they’re easy to put together and you can do them for free.

Creating A Blog

The simplest way to do a blog is by opening a free account at Blogspot or a similar web service; there are also a few dating sites that are starting to let people blog on their services, though they generally charge a fee. Be certain to do all the basic work, like posting a picture or at least some sort of image to set you apart, and writing your bio.

Now the real work begins. You can make your blog a simple online diary, where you record your daily deeds, or you can write some of your politics, or collect weird news stories and post them online. The only critical thing, if you’re going to refer potential online dating site browsers to it, is that it must reflect who you really are. Never misrepresent yourself; it only leads to a lot of misery on both your part and your potential date’s!

Writing Ideas For Your Blog

Don’t know what to write? You can post absolutely anything you want, even snippets of songs you’ve heard. Do you write poetry or stories? That can go up. Or you can write about what happened to you today, or about your favorite hobby, a celebrity, or a charity you work for. Or you can focus on some of the common blog topics.

A lot of people focus on a certain type of news, generally something they have an inside track on. This is what makes bloggers so formidable a news source. Do you work for a large pharmaceutical company? Don’t ever give away corporate secrets or sneak around, but you can blog about what it’s like, or what the real scoop is on the drug that’s being panned in the news today. Do you have a really fascinating volunteer position with, say, search-and-rescue dogs? You can write about what it’s really like going out to search for someone and finding them. If you think about it, everyone has something fascinating about themselves that they can write about.

If that’s scary to you, or you really can’t think of anything, write about the things you’d like to do. Become a virtual tourist, and write about whitewater rafting with links out to pictures or tour companies. Or write about luxury boats. Share your passions so that your readers, and potential dates, can find out what you love.

What Not To Do In A Blog

Whatever you do, don’t write depressing or angry stuff. No one wants to read about how miserable you are because you don’t have a wife, or how much you hate your job and nothing else. Instead, write about your hopes and dreams, about your idea of the perfect woman (be honest), and about the things you hate about being single and having to date. You’ll almost certainly find people who feel the same way. And it’s having common ground that helps people begin talking online and dating offline.

Better off Alone!

For the uninitiated, a ‘quirkyalone’ is a person who enjoys being single. Although not averse to the idea of a relationship, they would rather stay alone than date just for the sake of dating.


The concept originally began as a personality type. Among a diverse group of people who identified with it (married, 강남오피 , single, divorced, or widowed) soon grew to become something more.

A new, articulated set of ideas on relationships expressed through vocabulary: quirkyalone, quirkyslut, and quirkytogether (the quirkyalone way of being in a long term romantic relationship).

Quirkyalone is not anti-love. It is pro-love. It is not anti-dating. It is anti-compulsory dating. Although quirkyalones enjoy solitude, and sometimes even need and crave it, they are not loners. They typically have a strong network of friends and most place a high premium on friendship. Some have even been known to bring friends on dates!

They are part of a growing population in our society who live full and fun lives without feeling the need for a formal material relationship. In fact many quirkyalones see no reason to ㅇㅍ후기 date for the purpose of sex. Their approach to being with others has more to do with friendship without the need for a primary relationship. It’s their desire for independence, for any number of reasons, which precludes the necessity for a “significant other” in their lives.

It also spawned a holiday. International Quirkyalone Day (February 14, of course!) is a Do-It-Yourself celebration of romance, friendship, and independent spirit.

As the term’s use becomes more frequent in our culture, other terms such as “old maid”, “spinster,” and “confirmed 오피후기 bachelor” are facing extinction. However, even though this new all-inclusive term stands a good chance of catching on.

Whether it’s their need to invest themselves in a career or a mindset that simply cannot see themselves in a marital relationship, the message to the rest of us is that they should be both understood and accepted.


Always wondered why you like to be by yourself and why the opposite gender just doesn’t interest you anymore? Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions to see how quirkyalone you are.

1) You have a talent for self-reflection.

2) You’re excited about a successful, interesting life with or without a mate.

3) You create and maintain chosen clusters of friends.

4) You see life as a big choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing.

5) You support the idea of dating but not necessarily for the purpose of sex.

6) You prefer solitude to a relationship where you have to restrain n essential part of yourself.

7) You have a general compulsion to leave a mark on culture or society, to express yourself either through art, business, literature, or even social activism.

8) You recognise the ways society dictates happiness, primarily through romantic love, and believe this approach to a human failing.

9) You have had a taste or glimpse of a great relationship/encounter, which intensified your desire to be open to a similar experience again.

10) Your talent to deconstruct of love songs is equal only to your vulnerability to them.


0 to 3 “Yes” responses: Sorry, but you’re not a quirkyalone. You should sign up with an Internet dating service right now and dig out all the singles in your area.

4 to 6 “Yes” responses: You are a borderline quirkyalone. This means that you may still want to live with another almost quirkyalone and be a quirkyalone couple or might just want to sleep in your own room while your significant other sleeps in his/her own room.

7 to 10 “Yes” responses: You are definitely a quirkyalone. Instead of romancing another person, you will spend your life romancing life for all it’s worth. Along with a growing segment of a society who are committed to remaining single, you now can refer to everyone like yourself using one single word.

Best & Worst Date Movies of All Time

The most important decision you can make, one that will make or break the date, is the type of movie you choose to go see. Now if you’re already in a relationship or married, the rules of film selection are a little different

The Golden Rule:Do not go to the movies on the first date. I can not stress this enough. The first date is all about getting to know each other and the movie theater is the last place you’ll be able to do that.

The Movie Rental: If you want to watch a movie and your budget is a little tight, consider renting a movie and taking it back home with you. Ten years ago going to a movie would have been affordable, but things have changed. Admission to a film is about $11 and some theaters even offer luxury seating now which can run you a whopping $15 per ticket. Now factor in the cost of drinks ($10), popcorn ($5), candy ($5), and parking ($2). All of a sudden you can find yourself spending upwards of $50 for a movie.

For about a fifth of the cost you can enroll in programs such as NetFlix which allow you to rent an unlimited amount of movies for a low monthly price and no late fees. You simply select the movie you want and they will be mailed to you in a few days. Once you’re finished watching them, simply place them in the prepaid envelope and ship them back. It’s really that simple.

Watching a movie at home has several advantages:

You can start and stop the movie whenever you like

Talk your heart away since nobody will be there to shush you

You can rent classic or critically acclaimed films which you know are good

And best of all, it only costs about $5

Here are some films for your consideration that are sure to go over well with your date…

BEST FILMS TO RENT – All Genres (No Particular Order)

Ghost (ROMANCE – 1990 – Starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg): Ghost is the story of love beyond death…a love endures all type of film. It is why you have to tell people that you love them all the time, because you never know what can happen tomorrow. Ghost shows us that true love is timeless and has no boundaries. The movie has it all: romance, action, and comedy (courtesy of Whoppie Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown). The film is not without its flaws but it is successful at conveying its message and leaving you with a sense of satisfaction.

The Notebook (ROMANCE – 2004 – Starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling): The Notebook is a contemporary love story and a favorite with many women. Adapted from the best selling novel, the film tells the story of two “star struck” lovers from different sides of the track. Sound familiar? The movie is about love at first sight…the type of love that you carry with you wherever you go and regardless of the circumstances. The type of love that stays with you throughout your life and doesn’t let you forget.

My Cousin Vinny (COMEDY – 1992 – Starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei): When two young men are convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, it’s up to Joe Pesci (playing a hysterical role as the argumentative attorney from New York) to save them from being sent to the electric chair. My Cousin Vinny is a well written and clever comedy that is sure to be a hit. Marisa Tomei does an incredible job as Joe Pesci fiance; she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The Shining (HORROR – 1980 – Starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall): If you’re into horror, this movie is a must. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, and adapted from the Steven King novel, The Shinning is by far one of the best horror films ever made. Unlike modern horror films, there are no predictable scares, deformed people hiding in the hills, blood thirsty zombies, or girls that decide to stay in the house while a killer is on the phone. Instead, Kubrick brilliantly combines cinematography, music, and sound to create this masterpiece of horror. Keep an eye on the boy…this film gave birth to the over-used emotionless child with ESP so common today (examples include The Sixth Sense, The Ring, The Ring Two, The Grudge, Godsend, Hide & Seek, and even the Got Milk commercial).

A Clockwork Orange (SCIENCE FICTION – 1971 – Starring Malcolm McDowell): Adapted for the screen by Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange is one of the few films ever made that is able to evoke each and every emotion a human being is capable of having. The movie is a genuine masterpiece; it’s so good that there is nothing anyone can really write that will do this film justice. Be warned in advance that just like any fine piece of art, this film isn’t for everyone. Those who are able to appreciate the film and its underlying message will undoubtedly question every film they have ever seen.


Let’s face it guys, we love action and we don’t need a plot. If it’s fast paced, bloody, and has lots of guns we love it. Unfortunately, our dates don’t always feel the same way. This actually brings me to my next point and film; if a date ever tells you that her favorite movie of all time is Bloodsport, marry her!

Bloodsport (ACTION – 1988 – Starring Jean Claude Van Damme): I for one love this movie…watching JCVD (Jean Claude Van Damme) do his “deaf touch” and having Chong Li say “Brick Don’t Hit Back” was awesome. But the problem is that if I watched this on a date, it would probably end before the opening credits are over. The same goes for all of our other JCVD favorites such as Kickboxer, Lionheart, and Hard Target. You can actually use these movies to end a date on purpose, but that’s another discussion and another time.

What does this have to do with

At, our goal is to help you plan everyday things, and this includes Dating. Every week I will feature great date movie, both new and old, at the video store or in theaters; so check back often! If you’re looking for an alternative to your typical dinner and a movie, take a look at our Going on a Date section. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to custom build your own date based on five different themes, cuisine type, and even extra’s such as frozen yogurt or cookies.